Drone & Pilot Management


Certified Aerials independently certifies and educates our employee pilots (FAA Part 107 license holders) for industry-specific projects. We are standardizing procedures and operations from on-the-job safety application through our employee handbook and ongoing "best practices" training. Our protocols go above and beyond the scope of simply flying as an FAA licensed UAV pilot.


A Project Manager oversees all flight operations of each employee pilot's project including gathering necessary FAA documents, authorizations, waivers, etc. for each flight operation. This information is managed by our Project Manager who works directly with the client’s legal and safety departments, the employee pilot and the FAA.


Equipment is inspected by employee pilots before each flight, with a post-assignment inspection once equipment is returned to the warehouse in order to verify that the air unit remains flightworthy for the next project. Any and all maintenance is performed by a qualified professional.